The Arboretum Today

Matching Sign to Tree TagThe arboretum has 35 signed trees.  There are 5 additions that are in the process of being signed.  Of the 5 have identified three additional existing trees (Birch, Hemlock, Yellow Buckeye) and two planted trees (Red Maple, Witch Hazel). 

The Arboretum designated trees  are marked with a sign that specifies information about the tree, including a QR code that can be scanned with a mobile device to obtain additional information.  There is also a tree tag attached to or placed by the same tree so that the sign and tree are easily identified.

Each Sign has a QR Code that when scanned will provide addtional information about the tree. It can be read from all smartphones and tablets. For the most part modern Iphones have the QR App built in. Android and others need an app to read a QR Code. Use the Google Play Store to download a Free QR Code Scanner.

Townsend River Walk & Arboretum Sign QR Code

A trail map of the Townsend River Walk & Arboretum is available to be printed or downloaded.  Use the link below.

Towsend River Walk & Arboretum Trail Map
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Arboretum Tree List and Tree Details

  • By selecting the Common Name for a particular tree you can discover additional detail about that tree.
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MarkerCommon NameBotanical Name
5<a href="/franklin-tree.html">Franklin Tree</a>Franklinia alatamaha
6<a href="/pecan.html">Pecan</a>Carya illinoinensis
7<a href="/big-leaf-magnolia.html">Big Leaf Magnolia</a>Magnolia macrophylla
8<a href="/black-oak.html">Black Oak</a>Quercus velutina
9<a href="/slippery-elm.html">Slippery Elm</a>Ulmus rubra
10<a href="/eastern-red-cedar.html">Eastern Red Cedar</a>Juniperus virginiana
11<a href="/american-basswood.html">American Basswood</a>Tilia americana
12<a href="/sugarberry.html">Sugarberry</a>Celtis laevigata
13<a href="/black-cherry.html">Black Cherry</a>Prunus serotina
15<a href="/winged-elm.html">Winged Elm</a>Ulmas alata
16<a href="/red-buckeye.html">Red Buckeye</a>Aesculus pavia
17<a href="/butternut.html">Butternut</a>Juglans cinerea
18<a href="/american-sycamore.html">American Sycamore</a>Platanus occidentalis
20<a href="/northern-red-oak.html">Northern Red Oak</a>Quercus rubra
21<a href="/pignut-hickory.html">Pignut Hickory</a>Carya glabra
22<a href="/boxelder.html">Boxelder</a>Acer negundo
23<a href="/american-holly.html">American Holly</a>Ilex opaca
24<a href="/carolina-silverbell.html">Carolina Silverbell</a>Halesia carolina
25<a href="/sweetgum.html">Sweetgum</a>Liquidambar styraciflua
26<a href="/eastern-redbud.html">Eastern Redbud</a>Cercis canadensis
27<a href="/fringetree.html">Fringetree</a>Chionanthus virginicus
28<a href="/sugar-maple.html">Sugar Maple</a>Acer saccharum
29<a href="/american-hophornbeam.html">American Hophornbeam</a>Ostrya virginiana
30<a href="/red-mulberry.html">Red Mulberry</a>Morus rubra
31<a href="/pawpaw.html">Pawpaw</a>Asimina triloba
32<a href="/black-walnut.html">Black Walnut</a>Juglans nigra
33<a href="/hackberry.html">Hackberry</a>Celtis occidentalis
34<a href="/sourwood.html">Sourwood</a>Oxydendrum arboreum
35<a href="/sassafras.html">Sassafras</a>Sassafras albidum
36<a href="/flowering-dogwood.html">Flowering Dogwood</a>Cornus florida
37<a href="/tulip-poplar.html">Tulip Poplar</a>Liriodendron tulipifera
38<a href="/eastern-white-pine.html">Eastern White Pine</a>Pinus strobus
39<a href="/bald-cypress.html">Bald Cypress</a>Taxodium distichum
40<a href="/black-locust.html">Black Locust</a>Robinia pseudoacacia
41<a href="/green-ash.html">Green Ash</a>Fraximus pennsylvanica
An Arboretum is Certified - Latest Certification in 2021

The path to the arboretum started in 2008 with members of the Tuckaleechee Garden Club meeting with Forestry Division representatives to identify trees and to come up with a method to label each of the trees to adhere to arboretum standards. After 3 years of hard work and diligence, the Townsend River Walk was certified an Tennessee Arboretum by the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council in 2011 and re-certified in 2016. 

2008arboretumstudy 800

A PECAN TREE IS DISCOVERED! Taken September 2008 with TN Department of Agriculture - Forestry Division (Tom Simpson, who certified the arboretum originally as well as the recertification, and Nathan Waters. They helped to identify trees and suggested how to label them. From left to right, Nathan Waters, Barbara Spence, Florence Byrd, Tom Simpson, Elaine and Bob Russell.  Charlotte Miller - Photographer.