Join Us Saturday, June 10, 2023 for the Dedication of the ROBERT "BOB" & ELAINE RUSSELL "GREGORY BALD" AZALEA GARDEN.

Tuckaleechee Garden Club posing on the newly constructed steps at the Townsend River Walk & Arboretum.Tuckaleechee Garden Club posing on the newly constructed steps at the Townsend River Walk & Arboretum(TRWA) after their monthly meeting and discussing the TRWA Master Plan.  Now we are ready for lunch!

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”
― Benjamin Franklin

The Tuckaleechee Garden Club held its Monthly Meeting at the Townsend River Walk & Arboretum(TRWA) on March 15 2022.  The main purpose of meeting at the TRWA was for a tour of the TRWA from Mark Seder to discuss the Preliminary Master Plan that he has been working on but the TGC also held its regular business meeting and then ending the day with an exceptional lunch.

Mark has been working on creating a living plan for the future development of the TRWA that will provide guidance for the next 5 to 10 years and beyond.  There is the maintenance of the TRWA but also several new projects to increase the value of the TRWA for the community of Townsend and Blount County as well as the hundreds of visitors that tour the TRWA each year.

Some of the new projects that are being considered are:

  1. Picnic Area with Herb Garden
  2. Functional & Educational Drainage Filtration Area
  3. Children's Sensory Garden
  4. Bluebell Trail
  5. Main Sign Indicating the TRWA from US 321.

There are also additions to current projects that are being considered such as:

  1. Slowly replacing grass with wildflowers and native bush-like plants (Viburnum, Nine Bark, Oakleaf Hydrangea and others).
  2. Invasive Management
  3. Additional Tree Plantings and Specimen Tree Plantings.
  4. Enhancements to the Cave Area
  5. Bike Racks
  6. Additional Paths

We are hoping to have a completed plan done by Summer of 2022 and it will then be reviewed yearly schedule, monitor completed projects and make updates/corrections as needed.  This will be a living document and will change as the needs of the Townsend River Walk & Arboretum change.

Preliminary TRWA Master Plan MapPreliminary TRWA Master Plan Map (Subject to Many Changes)