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Latest News!

New TRWA Residents Have Nested - 2020.04.05


Bluebird Eggs in our Bluebird Box on the hillside by the Pollinator and Memorial Garden!Bluebird Eggs in our Bluebird Box on the hillside by the Pollinator and Memorial Garden!

Great News, our resident bluebirds have decided to make our bluebird box, above the Pollinator and Memorial Garden, their nest.

Looking between 14 and 16 days for the young ones to hatch and then another 18 - 20 days to fledge.

We wish these proud expectant parents all the best.


Spring Flowers are in Abundance. Stop by Today!

Creeping Phlox at the Townsend River Walk & ArboretumCreeping Phlox at the Townsend River Walk & Arboretum

The flowers are in bloom and the Townsend River Walk & Arboretum is open for visitors.   See more pictures in the slideshow below. 

The Spring flowers are beautiful and thanks to the invasive plant removal efforts of last year, there are more Spring flowers than ever. 

Take the family to enjoy and remember to social distance from other visitors.

New Plants Add at the TRWA - 2020.03.07

Allison and Rodney Pearson donated three Elderberry (Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis) plants and five American Beautyberries (Callicarpa americana).  All were planted this past Saturday on March 7, 2020.. 

Elderberry Plantings on the TRWAElderberry Plantings on the TRWA behind the bench at the Pollinator Garden. 
Wood stakes were added to avoid them being weed whacked.
Thanks for the donation Allison and Rodney Pearson.

The Elderberries were placed on the edge of the Pollinator Garden area behind the bench, to a provide a border for that area.  The elderberries are a favorite of birds and is a nectar source. 

American Beautyberry PlantingsAmerican Beautyberry Plantings above the steps and behind the Roadside Specimen Garden. Wood stakes were added to avoid them being weed whacked.
Thanks Allison and Rodney Pearson for the donation
The  American Beautyberries were placed at the top of the trail steps behind the Roadside Pollinator Garden.  The Beautyberry is a great food source for birds in the Winter and is a nectar source.  Beautyberry requires little water and is a great addition to the area above the steps.

Ron Byrd - 'Cherokee Brave' Dogwood Memorial Dedication

dedicationparticipants900 Participants at the Ron Byrd Memorial Ceremony.

(l - r): Mark Seder, Tom Miller, Valerie Hendrix, Janie Bitner, Wanda Taylor, Charlotte Miller, Cheyenne Miller, Vicky Moya, Donna Nuchols, Madison Gallostra, Myrtle James, Leslie Byrd Moya, Sheryl Byrd Gallostra, David Allen Jr, Florence Byrd, Tyler Byrd Gallostra, Linda Lee, Scott Schehr, Theresa Schehr, Martha Frink, David Allen, Sr.

clearing pollinator garden area ron byrdRon clearing the area to start building the Pollinator Garden.February 29, 2020.

It was a cold morning but the sun shone and we had a wonderful turnout for the Memorial Dedication of the "Cherokee Brave" Dogwood for Ron Byrd who passed away August 24th, 2019.  Ron's wife Florence (member of the Tuckaleechee Garden Club and Mary Blount DAR) was in attendance as well as several family members.  Members from the Tuckaleechee Garden Club and Mary Blount DAR also came to celebrate the dedication.

Ron spent an incredible numbers hours working on the evolution of the River Walk including the development of the lower River Walk trail and the steps up to the Roadside Garden area.   I am sure that Ron did all this out of dedication to the River Walk although Florence said it was her promising to take him out for breakfast after the River Walk work was done.  All his hard work really paid off and the dedication showed what a special person he was.

The dedication was opened by Myrtle James of the Mary Blount DAR.  Charlotte Miller gave a brief history of the River Walk and Ron's work on the River Walk.  Donna Nuchols provided the group with a prayer and Ron's grandchildren took turns doing inspirational readings.  After the ceremony we all went to the the Townsend Pancake House for Brunch.

Ron's memorial tree is located on the top trail, next to the "Cherokee Princess" Dogwood that was donated by the Mary Blount DAR.  Plaques for both will be added later this year.

Enjoy some of the pictures from the dedication and stop by to view our new TRWA "Cherokee" Dogwood Grouping (An additional "Cherokee Chief" Dogwood will be added to the group later this Winter).

Demise of the Two 30 Year Old Invasive Princess Trees

Princess Tree RemovalDoug Finley and Roger Rohtert Taking Care of the Felled "Princess" Trees

Paulownia tomentosa is their scientific name, we know them as one of the most pervasive invasives in Tennessee called "Princess" Trees.   We took down two 30+ year old trees yesterday that were hidden in full view at the River Walk.  They were identified last year when we say their flowers and proceeded to girdle them last Summer.  Yesterday we finally took them down thanks to: Doug and Marilyn Finley, Roger Rohtert and Mark Seder.   Both trees were hollowing out and were a danger to visitors at the Arboretum. 

We cleared some other dead and fallen trees that were either in the path or were a possible danger to visitors to the TRWA.  Most of the remaining trash and other debris from the flooding of the last two weeks was also removed yesterday.   A special shout goes out to Gary & Kathi Brock for cleaning up a lot of the flooding trash last weekend.



Time to Visit the TRWA. Cherokee Chief Dogwood Planted & Wildflowers are Blooming!

Cherokee Chief Dogwood Planted on March 13, 20213 in the Cherokee Dogwood Memorial GroveCherokee Chief Dogwood Planted on March 13, 20213 in the Cherokee Dogwood Memorial Grove

Our workday this morning was turned into a little work and a lot of time hunting for wildflowers. 

From the work perspective the Roadside Specimen Garden was weeded,  A "Cherokee Chief" Dogwood was planted, euonymus was pulled as well as other invasives and general cleaning of the TRWA grounds was accomplished.  Thanks to: Theresa, Scott, Allison, Rodney, Martha, Charlotte and Mark.

Wildflowers are coming up fast and furious.  The clearing of the invasives last year is making a huge difference in the number of wildflowers, the most that has been seen in quite a while.  Also the spicebushes are starting to bloom and we have a couple of blooms on the red maple that was planted last year.  It is a great time to go and explore.  Be on the lookout for: Trillium, VA Bluebells, Bloodroot, Toothwort, Ragwort, Columbine and lots more everyday.


Timber!!! Another Princess Tree Looses Her Crown.

Rodney & Allison Pearson at the Princess Tree DemiseRodney & Allison Pearson Clean Up and Look On at the Demise of Another Princess Tree!

Another Saturday and the last of the old Paulownia tomentosa "Princess" Trees is now history.  It was another 30+ year old tree that didn't want to come down easily but Mark Seder with Rodney & Allison Pearson were finally able to coerce it down.   The trunk was very hollow and apparently the racoon that was living in it was not real happy as it ran out and down the River Walk.

This is the last of the Princess Trees that we know of and the third taken down this year with each being over 30 years old.   There are still a couple of Mimosa Trees hanging over the river and we will attempt to take those out next.

Thanks Allison, Mark & Rodney, your efforts in the removal of another invasive is appreciated!


Garden Club Plant Sale Saturday 2020.04.25 Supporting the TRWA

5ab3caed4affb1.49250733The Tuckaleechee Garden Club will be participating in the Blount County Garden Club Plant Sale April 25, 2020 at 8:00 am.

Proceeds from the plants and other items sold by the Tuckaleechee Garden Club goes 100% to the Townsend River Walk & Arboretum project.  Stop by and purchase some plants, garden items and leave a little extra donation to help support the River Walk.

Your plant purchase helps continue the growth and maintenance of the Townsend River Walk & Arboretum.  Some of the projects that are currently scheduled are: Fencing & Arbors for the Pollinator & Memorial Garden, Gravel for the Entries areas to the River Walk, Rack Cards to help promote the River Walk & Arboretum as well as many other smaller projects around the TRWA.  The labor is free but it requires some additional funding to keep up with the purchasing of materials to properly maintain the River Walk & Arboretum.  Your contributions by purchasing a plant or making a donation goes a long way to keeping the Townsend River Walk & Arboretum an East TN treasure.

Blount County Garden Clubs Plant Sale Information & Directions

Flooding on the River Walk - 2020.02.06

riverfloodingThe Little River is still high and flooding parts of the Arboretum

Wasn't able to get to the TWRA yesterday to see the flooding when it was at it's peak but was able to check it out today.  The River Walk and Arboretum suffered minor damage and the debris indicates that the water made it over the walk in certain areas.   There are mounds of sand and silt where there never have been and logs and other debris have been washed away.  The bad part is that there was plenty of trash and debris to replace it.

The good news is that thru our efforts of clearing invasives there are lots of areas of green native plants all over the devastated area providing excellent erosion control.

There were several limbs and trees down but none of the signs were damaged.  All the gardens made it thru perfect.

If you get a chance stop by and take a look.  It is really amazing how much of the land was under water, much more than last years February 23rd flood.

Looks like we have an early cleanup day coming up.