riverfloodingThe Little River is still high and flooding parts of the Arboretum

Wasn't able to get to the TWRA yesterday to see the flooding when it was at it's peak but was able to check it out today.  The River Walk and Arboretum suffered minor damage and the debris indicates that the water made it over the walk in certain areas.   There are mounds of sand and silt where there never have been and logs and other debris have been washed away.  The bad part is that there was plenty of trash and debris to replace it.

The good news is that thru our efforts of clearing invasives there are lots of areas of green native plants all over the devastated area providing excellent erosion control.

There were several limbs and trees down but none of the signs were damaged.  All the gardens made it thru perfect.

If you get a chance stop by and take a look.  It is really amazing how much of the land was under water, much more than last years February 23rd flood.

Looks like we have an early cleanup day coming up.