wanda20230505cropWanda Faulkner picking out some poison ivy.

jerry20230505cropJerry Faulkner cleaning up the Pollinator Garden

A small group of Tuckaleechee Garden Club members performed an outstanding cleanup at the Townsend River Walk & Arboretum this past Friday, May 5, 2023.  The group include: Rodney & Allison Pearson, Jerry & Wanda Faulkner and Mark Seder.   

A large number of tasks were completed including:

  1. Pollinator Garden Cleanup
  2. Iris Garden Cleanup
  3. Late Summer / Fall Garden Cleanup
  4. Cleanup of the area where the Locust Tree recently fell.
  5. Mowing of areas that weren't mowed by the town crew that included the east side of the upper sidewalk.
  6. Repositioning Arboretum signs to new locations for the: Sassafras, Big Leaf Magnolia, Black Locust.
  7. Replacing a broken rail on the fence at the Iris Garden.
  8. Enjoying a well deserved lunch under the shade of the trees by the Pollinator Garden.

Thank You all for doing a great job!

Allison Pearson maintaining the path by the Green Ash.Allison Pearson maintaining the path by the Green Ash.

 Jack-in-the-Pulpit found during cleanupJack-in-the-Pulpit found during cleanup.  This is the result of invasive removal.  The native plants were just waiting for their chance to popup.