Between a Rock and a Hard Place at the TRWA Step Building Day 2The Proverbial "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" at the TRWA Step Building Day 3

The lumber was cut and drilled and we started installation of the TRWA steps on Day 3.   After easily installing the first 5 of 14 steps, the rock that is probably to the center of the earth stood directly in the line of the steps.  What to do? Try to go around it, shorten the step depth to 12 in., or just pack it all in and go home.  Rodney Pearson and Mark Seder discussed the situation, when Rodney got one of the cartoon exclamation points above his head.  He on the perfect solution: make the long flat step we had just finished 3 ft. deep instead of 4 ft.and then make the next set of steps 15 in. deep.  Lo and behold the last step sit perfectly on the rock side and allowed us to move forward over the rock.  This is true engineering as you go.  The goal of this project is to make level steps and go with the contour of the path, making the steps blend in with the surroundings. 

Stop by and check out the work.  We are now hoping to finish the steps next week and then we will work on the rope railing.

If you would like to help offset the costs of materials for building these stairs, you can DONATE HERE!

The construction of the steps on the South end of the Arboretum in chronological order.