New Website Feature: What's Blooming!

Written by Mark Seder

Blue Phlox at the Townsend River Walk & ArboretumA new feature for 2021 on the TRWA website is called "What's Blooming".  The idea is to get the pictures out as early as possible of plants and trees that are blooming or just starting to bloom so that those that want to take pictures, just stroll and admire the beauty or use as an educational experience will have plenty of time to get to the TRWA and enjoy.  The common name, scientific name and date the picture was taken is shown on the pics.  Clicking on the pictures will give a full size image and slideshow.  Over the next year we will be adding detailed information about the plants that are blooming and end up with a completed TRWA Plant Catalog.

websitemenu.jpgIf you find that we have incorrectly identified a plant or you have a question use our contact form to let us know.

We hope that you enjoy our new feature.  Go to What's Blooming!

Phlox divaricate - Blue Phlox


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