Join Us Saturday, June 10, 2023 for the Dedication of the ROBERT "BOB" & ELAINE RUSSELL "GREGORY BALD" AZALEA GARDEN.

Princess Tree RemovalDoug Finley and Roger Rohtert Taking Care of the Felled "Princess" Trees

Paulownia tomentosa is their scientific name, we know them as one of the most pervasive invasives in Tennessee called "Princess" Trees.   We took down two 30+ year old trees yesterday that were hidden in full view at the River Walk.  They were identified last year when we say their flowers and proceeded to girdle them last Summer.  Yesterday we finally took them down thanks to: Doug and Marilyn Finley, Roger Rohtert and Mark Seder.   Both trees were hollowing out and were a danger to visitors at the Arboretum. 

We cleared some other dead and fallen trees that were either in the path or were a possible danger to visitors to the TRWA.  Most of the remaining trash and other debris from the flooding of the last two weeks was also removed yesterday.   A special shout goes out to Gary & Kathi Brock for cleaning up a lot of the flooding trash last weekend.